Kim Swaney – Founder/ Executive Director (non voting member)
Shauna White – Co Founder/ Facility outreach coordinator (Non voting member)
Toni Erickson – Board President


Teresa Anderson – Board Vice President
Patricia Langlois – Member/Financial officer
Marian Hobbs- Member
DeAnna Weyhrich – Member/official Photographer

Kim Swaney

Founder/ Executive Director

Kim grew up in a military family, frequently moving from place to place until she was 12 years old with an older sister, and a special needs little brother who has since passed. Settling in Colorado was a blessing as this was where she eventually met her husband, Chris, of 29 years. Together they are raising 3 beautiful, smart and talented daughters. Kim is compassionate and heart centered.

Kim is the founder of Happiness Through Horses. She finds the work challenging and very rewarding. Her life and professional experiences with children solidifies her passion to spending life dedicated to the well being of children, and young adults in her community.  We started this foundation to bring much needed resources to families that normally would not have the opportunities to heal and learn through horses. This work allows Kim to bring her favorite things (Horses) together with her calling and passion which is kids. Our work with at risk youth has just begun. “We are so excited to be on the path to changing many lives for the better that will not only impact families but whole communities.”

Kim has worked in many professional worlds, banking, retail, childcare, veterinary assistant, Property inspection and preservation and held many nonprofit volunteer positions.  Her life experiences have helped her become an expert in the field of youth development. In 2016 Kim was honored to be nominated and chosen as one of the Women of Vision through The Women of Influence in northern Colorado. In her spare time, Kim likes to spend quality time with her family and friends traveling and creating life experiences. Being Philanthropic at heart, Kim believes strongly in collaboration and being involved in various ways to be of service to other people with challenges in life.

DeAnna Weyhrich

Member/official Photographer

Throughout my life photography has always been a hobby; whether it is photographing my kids (and grandkids!) for birthdays, adventures to the Zoo, or just every day moments; taking pictures has always been my passion. My kids used to ask why I wasn’t at their events because I was never in the picture, when in fact I was always the one behind the lens capturing those fun and memorable moments!

As I have gained more experience in photography, I have come to realize a passion for the documentary/lifestyle type of photography and have only recently decided to specialize in Birth Photography.  You might ask why Birth Photography?  Well all I can say is there is nothing more exciting or fulfilling than being able to capture the first moments of life!  I believe everyone should be able to have those moments captured for them.  Even though they may never share some of the images I get with friends or family, they still deserve to have them for themselves.  I know how fun it is for me to see pictures from my childhood and I want to give that to as many people as possible.

I also firmly believe in giving back to my community by volunteering and I have the perfect opportunity to do that by photographing events and day camps for Happiness through Horses.

Please check out my Instagram @ddweyhrich_photography or my Facebook page at DDWeyhrichphotography.

Shauna White

Co Founder/ Facility outreach coordinator

21 years old, raised in Cheyenne Wyoming. Graduating from Skyline High School May of 2013. Currently attending Colorado state university continuing her journey in becoming an Agricultural Education teacher. Shauna has served as president of the St. Vrain Valley FFA chapter with a deep love for all agriculture. She has been riding and working with all kinds of horses from top race horses to neglected and abused horses for the past 9 years. Her love for them led her to a mustang 400lbs under weight and untouched by humans, which she has trained to be her partner in crime and teacher to all.
– My goal is to make a difference in someone’s life every day!
– My dream horse is a Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding.

Toni Erickson

Board President

Toni Erickson, MSW, LCSW is a psychotherapist, relationship coach, educator, writer, and hobbyist with many interests.  She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband.   For the past 27 years she has had a private practice in Boulder.  Now, semi-retired, she has an opportunity to pursue many of her varied interests.  Her book, Keeping Romance Alive After Children Arrive, will be printed and released in early 2017.

Toni raised four outstanding children who now have families of her own. Many of those years were as a single parent. In the midst of that time, she received a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah and worked as a medical social work at the University of Utah Hospital.  In 1990 she remarried and moved to Boulder.

Professionally Toni has been a career center administrative assistant, marketing and public relations director for Ballet West in Salt Lake City, marketing and fund-raiser for a non-profit, director of a small private school, school teacher, school counselor in teen parent program and Fairview High School in Boulder, healthcare and hospital social worker, counselor/therapist in private practice, mediator, child custody evaluator/special advocate, educator to divorcing parents, writer, musician and a life and relationship coach.  Special interests include family, music, writing, art, pottery, nature, outdoor activities, gardening, reading, and her spiritual path.  She grew up with horses and is excited to be part of Happiness through Horses.