Happiness Through Horses believes building confidence and self-respect is vital to early childhood development.
The working relationship between a child and a horse can facilitate the building of confidence and teach a child vital life lessons.

As we all know, working with horses offers positive psychological benefits leading to higher self-esteem, better decision-making, and increased respect for oneself as well as respect for others. Happiness Through Horses targets youth who currently display lack of direction, self-esteem and poor decision making qualities.

Our goal is to make sure these young people make positive changes and decisions in their life, to avoid the pitfalls associated with their current direction.

Happiness Through Horses: There’s a lot riding on our kids!

Making A Difference

We will provide a directory of ranches and farms along Colorado’s front range who work with youth and horses to create lasting bonds and change lives.

For Little Kids

We help kids of all ages to gain access to a joy that is more expensive each year. Even young children find working with horses to be exciting, fun and therapeutic!

And Bigger Kids

From riding lessons to entire summer camps, our goal is to help young people experience the rich bond that has existed between horse and human for thousands of years.

Growth & Joy

Not every lesson in life need be a hard one. We’ve seen first-hand that some of the toughest obstacles in a child’s life can be made a little easier through their work with horses.

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with the healing power of Horses